I absolutely adore this family! It has been so fun photographing them in different locations in the Pasadena and Los Angeles area over the last couple of years. This spot is probably my favorite one yet. Their daughter just might be the cutest little person to walk the planet, I am definitely a obsessed. 

We were able to do a session while the poppies were blooming in Pasadena, California. Southern California is beautiful all year round but when the flowers are blooming it is hard to beat. Between February and April is a perfect time for family or couple photos in the Los Angeles, Orange County, Malibu, Laguna and San Diego area.

This park is such a great location, especially because it is only 10 minutes from my home! Avoiding the LA traffic is always a win. I do not charge a travel fee for this location and it is almost always empty! When you do a session at this park you are right next to the Colorado Bridge, an iconic bridge in the area. This small nature park is such a great addition to the area and I have loved exploring it in all seasons.

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